28 April 2011

Yesterday I went to the woods to see the bluebells, they seem a bit early this year, but the weather has been gorgeous, so maybe that's why. As always I took my camera, and as always I failed to capture the beauty of it. There is something about a bluebell wood. You have to experience it. No picture can ever do it true justice, especially not mine.

But I tried.

Happy Easter

24 April 2011

Today is Easter Sunday, a day sacred to the bunnies that lay the chocolate eggs.
In honour of this I shall mock them with a very old joke.

Sad to say, I am such a wuss that when I eat my own bunny I shall feel sorry for it. I shall eat it anyway, but the flavour of the chocolate will be tarnished with tears.

Peacock Update

23 April 2011

Yesterday, after I had posted, I googled 'white peacocks'. It turns out that it is supposed to be lucky to see one. Of course lots of things are supposed to be lucky, the world is full of folklore about luck and unluck, and most of it is rubbish.

However, today my bloke, (he that saw the lucky peacock), got a letter giving him some much wanted information. Information that he had given up waiting for in the belief he had been forgotten. Clearly this event is due to the sighting of the lucky peacock yesterday. I do not know if this is enough to prove the fortunate influence of the white peacock, but now I'm even more irritated that I did not see it myself.

New Blog

 22 April 2011

Time to start a blog, I thought.
So here it is.

My name is Lydia Gray and I write stories. If things go well then I will be blogging about writing every now and again. Other than that this will just be about stuff that takes my fancy or catches my eye.

I missed a treat today. My bloke went down to the garage to buy tobacco and he saw peacocks in a garden. One blue, one brown and one white. They were standing at the door of the house as though they expected to be let in. They don't live there, they belong to the local doctor. They live at his house.

I missed them. I wish I'd seen them. It's not something you see every day.

Other news. It's April and the bluebells are starting to come out down along the hedgerows. In a few days, if the weather holds, I'll go down to the woods for a look.
Until then, here is the cherry blossom on our tree. It's almost gone now, but it was nice while it lasted.