The Watchmaker's Wife

22 Aug 2012

The lovely people at Daily Science Fiction have been kind enough to publish my story, The Watchmaker's Wife.

The story started life as a picture I made. I showed it here on this blog and Milo James Fowler asked who she was. I'd never thought of her being anyone, she was just a picture. But after I read the question, the name 'the watchmaker's wife' popped into my head and I felt the first inklings of a story nagging at the back of my mind.

So I wrote it.

This was the picture.

The Passing-Bell

11 August 2012

My story 'The Passing-Bell' is published in the 'Triangulation: Morning After' anthology, published by Parsecink, and available from Amazon, and probably other places.

Loads of good stories in there.