29 Sept 2011

I have been given the Liebster Award by Kelda Crich, the pen name of the lovely Deborah Walker. Thank you!

It's given to blogs with less than 200 followers, and I have to keep the love going round by passing it on to five others.

I will pass it on to the following.

Brenda Stokes Barron, Great writer and all round great person.
M J Fowler, the creator of the wonderful Captain Quasar
A G Carpenter, Writer and sage.
Nathaniel Katz, the man with the hat.
Samuel Mae, The man behind Comets & Criminals.

I have enjoyed reading all your blogs :)

And a photo, because I always do a photo.

Fake Pound Coin 2

25 Sept 2011

The first and most obvious thing about this coin is the state that it is in. It looks like someone has taken a hammer to it. That may be part of the forgery or it may be not.

This is a 1985 coin bearing the Welsh leek. I see these a lot, and many of them seem to show unusual signs of wear. I have wondered if many of them are forged, but it is hard to be sure. However, with this one it seems pretty obvious. First of all the lettering on both sides is not only faint and almost unreadable, it is also fuzzy, fat and indistinct.

The lettering around the edge seems to be normal at first glance, the Llantrissant cross is present, as are all the letters, although many are only partial. The obvious assumption is that the damage to the coin caused the disruption of the letters. However, a comparison of the word 'Gwlad' with a correct coin appears to show a misalignment of both the whole word which is tilted down, and the letter G in particular which seems to be too short and misaligned with the W next to it.

I have to admit that I cannot be 100% certain about this one. But my gut feeling is that it is a fake.

Down by the River

18 Sept 2011

The wonderful people at Brain Harvest have been kind enough to publish my story Down by the River.
I'm very happy.

And here is a picture of a river.

What's inside?

13 Sept 2011

What's inside a laptop?

This is.

And after we put it back together, it worked!