In the Hollow Heavens

31 Jan 2012

I took this picture a couple of days ago. It's rubbish, but in real life it was beautiful.

The moon was a tiny crescent, sharp as a knife, with Venus beneath it, just after sunset. When I first saw it from an upstairs window, the horizon was green and gold. But the window doesn't open. Well, it does, but then it doesn't shut properly.

So I got the camera and I went outside, and I couldn't see the horizon any more, and the camera wouldn't focus on the moon, so it's fuzzy.

But it reminds me how beautiful the reality was.


22 Jan 2012

The lovely people at Comets and Criminals have published my story, Mayflies. It can be read online, or the whole issue can be purchased from their site.

And a picture.

In Return

15 Jan 2012

The nice people at Every Day Fiction published my story 'In Return' on January 8th. So I'm a bit late with this announcement.

And here's a picture because I always do a picture.

Fun With Fractals

9 Jan 2012

Yesterday I discovered a fractal program called Apophysis. It's free, so I had to have a go.

I made these.