The Watchmaker's Wife

22 Aug 2012

The lovely people at Daily Science Fiction have been kind enough to publish my story, The Watchmaker's Wife.

The story started life as a picture I made. I showed it here on this blog and Milo James Fowler asked who she was. I'd never thought of her being anyone, she was just a picture. But after I read the question, the name 'the watchmaker's wife' popped into my head and I felt the first inklings of a story nagging at the back of my mind.

So I wrote it.

This was the picture.

The Passing-Bell

11 August 2012

My story 'The Passing-Bell' is published in the 'Triangulation: Morning After' anthology, published by Parsecink, and available from Amazon, and probably other places.

Loads of good stories in there.

The Collector

1 July 2012

The lovely people at Goldfish Grimm have published my story, The Collector. They also interviewed me, which was fun.
The other story in that issue is Happy After All, by A G Carpenter. Check that out too. It's great. Sharing an issue with Aggy is the icing on the cake :)

Blood and Water Podcast

12 June 2012

Just to let people know, My story 'Blood and Water' will appear on Every Day Fiction as a Podcast on the 18th of June. It is being read by Folly Blaine.
If you enjoy it, don't forget to give it stars to let Folly know what a great job she did!

Listen to it HERE!

Blood and Water

22 May 2012

Today my story Blood and Water has been published by the wonderful people at Every Day Fiction.

Counterfeit Pound Coin 5

7 May 2012

Well, this one is great. The pictures say it all. The heads side is particularly awful, and the edges are a joke. Even if the writing was legible, the letters wouldn't line up with the letters on a genuine coin of the same type and date.

Heads You Win

1 May 2012

My story, Heads you Win, has just been published by the lovely people at Comets and Criminals.

Far From Shore

15 Apr 2012

Today the wonderful people at Bent Masses published my short story Far From Shore.

Fish Bridge

8 Apr 2012

A bridge to help fish swim upstream. I hope they appreciate it.

The Words of the Prophets...

22 Mar 2012

... Are written on the subway walls.

Or any wall, really.