Counterfeit Pound Coin 5

7 May 2012

Well, this one is great. The pictures say it all. The heads side is particularly awful, and the edges are a joke. Even if the writing was legible, the letters wouldn't line up with the letters on a genuine coin of the same type and date.


  1. Makes me wonder how many have passed through my purse. I love these posts. You should write a story about counterfeits, Lydia.

  2. Hi Debs.

    I'm glad you like these posts, it's fun trying to spot the fakes.

    They say that 3 out of ever 100 is fake, but I don't see nearly that many. Either a lot are so good that I can't spot them, or it's dependent on location. Some places having a higher percentage (cities probably), and some having a lower amount (rural areas like here).

    So I reckon that we have both had loads pass through our hands and never known.