26 Oct 2011

More fun with Photoshop.


24 Oct 2011

Well, I'm doing Nano this year. I wasn't going to, but I am.

Fake Pound Coin 3

23 Oct 2011

Well, here's another one. And I would say that it was obvious, except I didn't notice it for days.

This is the famous 'Egyptian Arch' bridge design, which always looks weird. This one is weirder. It's fuzzy and soft looking, as though the die was made of plasticine.

The heads side has almost no detail, and the words, 'ONE POUND', are far too fat.

The tails side suffers similar faults and is also unevenly struck so that the bottom right is much fainter than the top left.

The edge is badly and unevenly marked, and looks as though it has been filed.


17 Oct 2011

I have always used Paint Shop Pro 8, and I'm pretty good with it. But it's getting a bit old now and someone gave me Photoshop CS5, so I thought it was time I got to grips with it.

Nothing is where I think it should be, I'm having to look things up on the net, like how to make a gradient. But it's a nice program and when I get used to it, it should be pretty good.

I've been doing tuts to get the hang of it and learn where everything is.

This is a combination of a couple of different tuts.

The End of the Line

11 Oct 2011

I have learned how to do them pictures where it's all black and white except for one colour.

And this is the end of the line because it used to go further, and now it don't.

I like the way it bends.


5 Oct 2011

This is a carving of Merlin. I was in town yesterday, so I thought I'd take his photo.
He's pretty impressive in real life, but my photo don't really seem to do him justice.

He's about 10 foot tall and carved from oak, and he has a little dragon on his right arm, but that don't really show up.

It must have been a hell of a tree!

Anyway, as far as corporate art goes, this is a good one.