17 Oct 2011

I have always used Paint Shop Pro 8, and I'm pretty good with it. But it's getting a bit old now and someone gave me Photoshop CS5, so I thought it was time I got to grips with it.

Nothing is where I think it should be, I'm having to look things up on the net, like how to make a gradient. But it's a nice program and when I get used to it, it should be pretty good.

I've been doing tuts to get the hang of it and learn where everything is.

This is a combination of a couple of different tuts.


  1. Very cool -- does this have something to do with the FISH anthology? =]

  2. :)

    Lol, no. I didn't even sub there.

    This was an adaptation of a tutorial on how to fill text with water. And I thought it would be good to put fish in the water, and make the text say FISH.

    Just a coincidence.