Fake Pound Coin 3

23 Oct 2011

Well, here's another one. And I would say that it was obvious, except I didn't notice it for days.

This is the famous 'Egyptian Arch' bridge design, which always looks weird. This one is weirder. It's fuzzy and soft looking, as though the die was made of plasticine.

The heads side has almost no detail, and the words, 'ONE POUND', are far too fat.

The tails side suffers similar faults and is also unevenly struck so that the bottom right is much fainter than the top left.

The edge is badly and unevenly marked, and looks as though it has been filed.


  1. I've never seen that bridge before. Are you sure they aren't all fakes?

  2. Hi Deb.

    Yeah, I'm sure. It's one of the Bridge series. They did four bridges and that's the one for Northern Ireland. It's a Railway bridge in Dublin called the Egyptian Arch Bridge.

    I'm starting to believe that all the ones with leeks on are fake. All the ones I ever see are really badly worn. There must be a factory near here, churning them out.

  3. You should work for the treasury, Lydia. These posts are great.

  4. Thanks!

    When I first started finding out about these, there seemed to be a lack of photos of edges, though that is sometimes one of the most obvious areas of fakery.

    So, hopefully other people are finding these interesting.

  5. Just found one of these pounds in my purse, I thought it was strange straight away, and looked up fake pound coin pictures.. This is how I stumbled upon this website&my pound is exactly the same as this one!

  6. £4.50 for a real one on eBay. £45 for two ? Check that's it's not a fake. Doesn't help when it doesn't go in the parking meter I know.