14 May 2011

Today I was driven out the house by a desperate need for tobacco and food: mostly tobacco.

On the way down the road I saw the columbine that grows out of the hedge by the church. It's there every year but never before have I had a camera with me when I've seen it. I ought to carry my camera around with me for moments like this, but it just takes up too much space in my bag. Now, however, I have a new phone and it has a camera on it! How very modern and 21st century I am!

There is something about the shape of columbine that fascinates me, it seems to combine both the organic and the architectural. This columbine, that straggles out of a hedge at the side of the road, uncared for and unheeded by the cars that pass it by, is the most beautiful I've ever seen. Their colour is spectacular, so deep it looks like you could squeeze the purple out of it. Unfortunately it is not a colour that I seem to be able to capture on a crappy second-hand camera phone, but I tried.


  1. Cool.Do you use your observations in your storie, Lydia?

  2. Hi Deborah.

    Thank you for your comment.

    Yes, I think that some of the things I see get into my stories. It seems to help me bring a scene to life in my mind if I can add little details that I have seen.