14 Nov 2011

On Saturday we went into town to get a USB lead for a camcorder. So we took the video camera with us so we could be sure to get the right lead.

When we got there we found owls. An owl sanctuary had brought some of their birds into town to show the good work they do, and to raise money for the cause.
It was amazing. I held a Harris hawk and stroked it, and I stroked an eagle owl (huge), and a screech owl (tiny).

It was an incredible, unforgettable experience. I was psychotically happy for hours afterwards. I kept grinning and saying 'Owls!!!'.

Loads of pics, cos we had the camera with us. Yay!!! Owls!!!!


  1. Oh wow. Adorable. Did you see the owls walking. One shouldn't laugh.

  2. How lovely! I love owls. Granted, the way barn owls sound like crying children freaks me out, but they're beautiful animals.

  3. :) Thanks. It was great.

    @Debs. No, they didn't walk. Hopefully I'll see walking owls one day. I imagine it's most amusing. I have seen Indian Runners running. That's hilarious.

    @Brenda. Yes, the screaming noise is freaky, isn't it?
    Lot's of legends about owls, Lilith the Screech Owl of the night, and Bloduewedd, the flower-faced owl woman in Welsh mythology.

    I'd never seen them so close up before. It was really wonderful.

    The hawk was good too. When I was holding it I was told to keep a good grip on it's leash as there was someone with a small dog nearby, and the bloke said that if I let go the hawk would have the dog away.
    I said that would be something worth filming.

  4. Hedwig was my favorite character in the whole Harry Potter film series. Great photos!

  5. Lucky you! Owls are such magnificent birds, and just creepy-cool. I love the owl with the angry eyebrows. :P

  6. Thanks!

    @Milo. Yeah, Hedwig was cool. They didn't have any snowy owls on show, which was a shame. My bloke saw on once. He was in a caravan and it flew into the window and left an owl shaped print on the glass. He went outside to look and he said 'it was on the ground looking like a dead angel'. Then it got up and flew away.

    @Defcon. Yes, it was lucky. I don't know what the one with the angry eyebrows is. But he looks funny and cross.