I Have A Blue Geranium


I have a blue geranium. I was given it a few years ago when it was small. Sadly it's still small. It has not had a happy life.
Every year the poor thing found itself crowded out by the buttercups that have colonised the back garden. Every year I have gone out and scrabbled in the dirt to try to give it a bit of room. Every year it has clung on pathetically and I have feared for its life.
But this year it did its thing! It has flowers. More than one! It's a happy, happy plant and I am a happy, happy person.
I think it will live.

Here is a picture of one of its flowers, and I hope you note the bloody buttercup trying to sneak into the bottom corner. The damn things are all over. The lawn has vanished under a knee high sea of weeds, nettles and buttercups.


  1. Mine have all flowered and gone away. Perhaps I should be dead-heading or somesuch. They do well here in North London.

  2. Hi.

    I don't know why ours are so late. There are some down the road that have come and gone already. Maybe the height of the lawn is stopping the sun getting to them :)

    Such a beautiful colour though.