Old Place, Old Photo.

7 June 2011

I was inspired by Deborah Walker's photos of the Hurlers on Bodmin Moor.

So here is Pentre Ifan, It's old, it's in Pembroke and it's made of stone. I've seen a few Neolithic tombs, but this one is the most beautiful.
I don't know why the photo is the way it is. It was taken a number of years ago on a 35mm camera and scanned in. The weird stuff is on the negative. It's probably my bloke's hair, but I like to think it's the ghosts of my ancient ancestors making themselves known.

That's me, standing by the stones, and in the background is the motorbike we rode in on.


  1. Wonderful, Lydia. These old stones are evocative, aren't they? Remnants of our ancient past.

  2. Yes, they are. I love these places. But with this one in particular I am just awed by the whole 'how did they get that up there?' concept!

  3. I love things like this. Beautiful picture.