16 Feb 2012

In my calendar, spring begins at the beginning of February.
And there should be snowdrops.

I saw the snowdrops a few days ago, so I knew it was spring, even though it's freezing cold. I saw them from the bus, and I couldn't take a picture. But here are some from a previous year.


  1. What a lovely photo! Snowdrops.

    You know, I've never been in the snow, let alone seen a snowdrop?

    1. Never been in the snow!!!

      Get you up some mountains and find some :)
      It's cold and it's white and it's fun to throw it at people.

      Warning. Never eat the yellow snow.

  2. I know, it's terrible. Mountains are only a few hours away from me too. I can see them, snowcapped and all. But still, no snow for me. I have been hailed on though. :)

    Yes, yellow snow would be a bad thing. I'll do my best to avoid it lol

    1. Oh! Hail is a bitch!!

      There is no fun in hail. :(

  3. It's nice to see the snowdrops. Is it Spring already?

    1. Hi Debs.

      Yes, by my reckoning, it is. At least where I live.
      There are different ways to calculate the dates of the seasons, but the traditional way was to have spring begin around Imbolc, Summer at Beltane and so on.

      This not only puts midsummer day in the middle of summer where it should be, but I also see a distinct change in the environment at those times.

      February when things begin to grow, such as the little spring flowers in the hedgerows.

      May, when the hawthorn blooms and the trees begin to get their leaves. After this the hedgerows go wild, with long grass and the tall plants like cow parsley. All the little ones get pushed out.

      August. Everything starts going to seed, the grass gets seeds, things begin to fruit. There's a change in the air. It feels different.

      November. All done. All grown, fruited, matured, dead or sleeping. Nothing happening until February.

      So. Yeah. It's spring. :)
      Bloody cold, though, isn't it?

      And on the Spring Equinox the weather man will say that it's the first day of spring. And that will annoy me. It does every year.

  4. Snowdrops, eh? I have learnt something new. Here in SoCal, we have raindrops in the spring but no price drops. (And the word verification is BRITISH!)

    1. Hi Milo!

      Wow! Spooky word verification!
      The internetz is watching us :)

      Ah, SoCal, where the oranges grow and it's never cold...

      Lucky you!