Counterfeit Pound Coin 4

4 Feb 2012

Well, here's another one, and once again it's a bridge coin. This time it's Thomas Telford's suspension bridge across the Menai Straits in Wales.

So, it's not so much a matter of what's wrong with this coin, but what's right with it. It's faults are very similar to my previous post on the Egyptian Arch bridge. Soft, fuzzy impressions, fat lettering, appalling edges showing evidence of filing.
The heads side is unevenly impressed, shallower on the bottom right.
In both cases they got the two sides aligned correctly, and that's the best you can say for them both.

One interesting feature of this coin, but which does not show up on the photographs, is that the heads side has a faint texture. It is covered in a series of tiny lines that give it the look of brushed aluminium.


  1. Research for your next tale, perchance? I'm liking the new look around here.

  2. Hi Milo!

    Nah, I've just got this weird obsession with pound coins.

    Thanks for the comment on the new look! I decided the old one was just too pink and a bit old fashioned, so I did a bit of decorating.

  3. Hi Debs.

    Yes, it is. It's horribly obvious. I don't know how it stayed in circulation long enough to get to me.

    I suppose people just don't look, or if they do they just ignore it.